I love u but u don’t understand me

My life is my poetry

My love making is my legacy

Lana Del Rey

I’m the queen of melancholy, by death crowned


As bright as sun is As dark as the new moon night The scars you gave me from your frightful fight As beautiful as blessings As ugly as sin I could’ve walked away If you wouldn’t have become a kin As shallow as a kiddie pool You were such a ruined mess As paradisaical asContinue reading “PERCEPTIONS”


An abrupt ambience of inexorable poisonous air Bounded me with the stillness of woe The white dress that I’m wearing tonight Will soon be colored with blood stains Been defeated by my own thoughts in this war Been drowned in the middle of the trench Had my days when I felt breathless Been criticized forContinue reading “ADIOS”


It was sunset whisked in my bloodHe wasn’t the one, my heart hushedPrudently, captivated by his dizzinessMy melancholic trauma imprinted in my pulseHis rosemary whiff on his white shirtHis peach nudges against my skinHis indemnified smile that he wore on his lipsHis placating voice that caressed my earsI faked to forget, but I always thoughtContinue reading “ELIXIR”

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